May 5, 2009

Hey long time no see!

Hello Darlings! I know it's been forever and a day since you've heard from me so I wanna apologize for my way too long hiatus. I just wanted to update you guys on some things.

*I got the rest of the items on m MAC HK wishlist! (Fun&Games BPB Tahitian Sands BP)
*I got my first OPI Polish!!!! YEAH
*I reorganized my room (maybe I'll be more focused now on my blogging)
*My stye has went down significantly, but not totally :(
*I'm gonna have a new video up about my face routine! YAY NEW VID!

Well that's about it as far as the makeup world goes, so I'll have new (and regular) updates soon!


Love, Peace, and Makeup,
xluckybx <333