Jan 31, 2009

Snow Week Haul

Hey Darlings!

Well I thought I let you guys see the dreat deals I caught this week and show the look I wore out today!

First on the wonderful B&B dub(translation: Bath&Body Works) has great sales going on for their old xmas gift sets and their old packaging items. So, I didn't hesitate to grab a set in my favorite winter scent: Velevet Tuberose! So here it is.

(Front View)
It comes with a full size lotion, body spray, shower gel, and bubble bath; bar soap, and a candle!!!

And Guess how much I paid for it!!!!!!

**$20.00** and during xmas it was $39.95!!!!!

So make sure you check out your B&B dub for sweet deals before it's to late!

Ok deals all around while I was at Krogers I caught some sweet beauty deals on manager's special!


I love the garnier skin renew moisturizer(reg.$13.99) it smells so good. It's not a very thick moisturizer so I mainly use this during the summer, but I couldn't pass this deal by!

I've always wondered about Nexxus hair products, so I thought I'd give the Sleek Memory Straightening Smoothing Spray(reg.$13.99) a try.

The bottle says: "Nexxus® Sleek Memory™ Straightening Smoothing Spray helps your hair become straighter, smoother, and less frizzy over time, so your straightening routine becomes faster and easier, and hair spends less time exposed to damaging heat styling... for healthier-looking, just-from-the-salon sleek hair. This straightening technology works with your heat appliances to "train" hair to remember your straight, sleek style each time you straighten it. Scientifically-proven heat protection guards against heat damage."

So I provide a follow up on this later.

So grand total for todays haul!

***$5.35*** w/ tax

So I hope you all loved my beauty deals!

Love, Peace, and Makeup!
xluckybx <3

Jan 30, 2009

My Contest Entry!!!!

Hey darlings well if you read my last entry you know I planned to enter Ms. Ateya's Smuve Look Contest on her youtube channel (Screen name: Ateyaaa), well this was my first makeup video on youtube ever!!! (YEA ME!!!) So I am really excited; I almost didn't make the deadline I didn't know that sometimes it takes so long to upload a video. Since, I posted the video I've gotten good feedback so I think I'm definately gonna start making more videos in the future!

Well I thought I's take the time to tell you guys about it and with out further adieu:

Hope you enjoyed and wish me luck!!!

Love, Peace, and Makeup!
xluckybx <3

Jan 28, 2009

Weekend Haul and L'Oreal Hip goodness!!!

Hi Darlings!

Well recently I hit up the old Walgreens to get some b-day cards. Well, while I was there I spotted L'Oreal Hip was bogo free!!!!!! So I picked up a new eyeshadow duo from the brights collection and a new color truth cream eyeliner because sadly the one I previously had dried out :-(. Anyways, my new haul made me want to share with you some of my other Hip products, and some youtubers that work wonders with them.

The New stuffies:


Swatch of Flare:

Comparison of my new and old cream liners:

I plan to take much better care of my new one. . .

The rest of my small Hip collection:

Eyeshadow Duos in Flare and Bustling. Color Truth Cream Liner in Black. {Discontinued} Blendable Blushing Cream in well Blushing! :)

Ok, one of the main reasons why I bought those new items was because of the sale of course and because Ateyaaa (youtube/smuvecomplexions.blogspot.com)is having a contest called the "Smuve Look" in which you must submit a video where you must color-coordinate your eyeshadow and outfit and also rock a nice hair do. So I needed and orange shadow to match my hoodie I'm wearing for the contest. So for more info on her contest check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n0SZBs0Mr4
and to see more of her fabulous videos where she also uses hip duos check out her main youtube page here.

Fafinettex3 also has a nice tutorial using the flare duo

DuhPinayPrincezz also has a cute hip duo look:

I figured it was due time for a post and since I;m my school is on it's second snow day in a row(12 in. in Indianapolis!!!!) I figured I had time.

~*Remember!!!!!- Hello Kitty launch is in 15 days!!!!!!!!! Whoo Hoo!! Also, check your local MAC freestanding store for an invitation to the Feb. 3 Unveiling Party!!*~

Love, Peace, and Makeup,


Jan 20, 2009

Reasons for my addiction

Hello darlings!

Well I recently got a comment,(and I'm not mad or bashing the person who wrote it) about how I don't really need makeup, embrace natural beauty,ect.,ect. Well I don't blame you for what your saying and I should expect more comments like this to come. SO, I'm gonna give you the main reasons behind why I'm obsessed with makeup. Well since I was a little girl I've always loved dress up, makeovers, all that jazz; so of course it has carried on into my young adult years. I really love it for the creativity with colors and designs, and more fun stuff. I really wear very little face make up because I do believe I'm a natural beauty. I usually go all out with eye makeup and my nails. I have a passion for color-coordinating and I express that with my makeup. Now some people don't understand how I can be obsessed with makeup, but honestly it's not hard just like all these girls who are addiccted to handbags, jewlery, and designer clothes; or guys with clothes and of course shoes,(I don't even understand the Jordans obsession). So there's a little background on my passion.

And in the future I do appreciate the I'm too pretty for makeup comments, but I love it and I'm gonna wear it cause it makes me happy. . . ;-)

Love, Peace, and Makeup

Hello Kitty First Look pt. II

I saw that my first post was a tad long, so I cut it into pieces! ;-)

[skip]*Blush- I really perfer cream blushes, and I if I try MAC powder blush I'd rather get attached to a permanent than a LE shade.
*Beauty Powder- I can't wait to get my hands on these babies!!!! I love the colors, and I definately can't wait to use my hk compact, especially since I saw this awesome post by fafinettex3. (By the way if anyone has an empty heatherette, lure, or Diana Ross compact they'd like to giveaway let me know!!!!!)

[idk???]*Nail polishes- I don't know whether or not I'll be picking these up, but I'll have to see how much cash I'll have left after my first major mac haulage.
[skip]*Accessories- I can always find HK accessories so really I don't have to have any of these items, plus I stocked up on MAC LE brushes at the CCO.

~*Hello Kitty Wishlist*~

Both Beauty Powders
2 Lipglass
2 Lipstick
1 eyeshadow quad

grand total:
Boy looks like I'll be eating ramen for lunch. . . or have a lot of valentines! lol

Well that wraps up on my thoughts about the HK collection
Love, Peace, and makeup!

Jan 19, 2009

First Look: Hello Kitty

{Pics courtesy of Christine-Temptalia.com}

*This post will kick off the first look series, where I give my intial reaction to new MAC collections, drugstore products, and more.*


Hello Darlings!

Well since I'm still a newbie to the MAC world I missed the beloved Barbie, Fafi, and Heatherette collections so, I'm definately not gonna let myself miss out on the upcoming Hello Kitty Collection. I love Hello Kitty stuff, and I'm not gonna hesitate on picking up some items in this collection. The expected U.S. release date is February 12th,2009. Unveiling parties will be help on the third,(check the events page on maccosmetics.com to find one near you). It has a large range of items from eyeshadows to tinted lip conditioners,(*REMEMBER* check temptalia.com for the go to source of MAC collection launches).

These are my opinions about the items in this collection. . .

[Skip]*Glitter Liners- Well, even though I'm am a teenage girl I really think this is a little to over the top for me plus NYX glitter liners are a lot cheaper, so I'm gonna have to pass on this.
[Skip]*Pigments/Reflect glitters- I don't own any piggies yet so I'd actually like to stock up on the staple shades first(like vanilla, tea time, violet, etc.). I'm gonna have to pass on these too.
[Skip]*Lashes- I honestly have never used false lashes, and I'd rather wait and train up to these.
[idk???]*Eyeshadow quads- I never understand MAC's thought proccess behind these color combos, but I'll wait and see how everyone else is using them to help me decide whether or not I'll pick one up.

*Lipsticks- I think the colors are really cool in this collection, and I love the hello kitty indentation on the lipstick. I'll probably get one for show to preserve it. lol
*Lip glass- I also love the colors, but I probably will only get one or pass because I plan on getting a dazzleglass from the Nordstrom exclusive Kitty Kouture collection.
[Skip]*Tinted Lip Conditioner- These maybe wonders for other people but, I can get the same thing from chapstick.

Well this concludes the first part of my first look at the HK collection from MAC!

Love,Piece,and Makeup!

Jan 11, 2009

Welcome Fellow Addicts!!!

Hello, darlings!

I want to welcome you all to my very first blog. First off, I would like to thank you for stopping by to read because everyone knows blogs can't succeed without readers so I hope you all stop back in to check up on how my blog is doing. Now, I haven't decided whether this will be a weekly or daily posts (or somewhere in between), but I don't want to leave you guys hanging for months at a time so I'll update often.

So here's somethings my blog will include. . .

~All things Mac (of course!)
~Beauty tips and breakthrough discoveries(found by me or other youtubers and bloggers)
~Some of FOTD's to show off some of my creativity.
~Nail stuffies (my new growing obsession)
~Hauls (at least monthly)
~Product reviews(I had to do this cause that's one of my fav parts about blogs.)
~Some occasional rants and craziness( we all need a safe outlet for our feelings.)
~And other beauty goodness!!!!!!

*Be sure to check back in two days!!!!!!*

Love, Peace, and makeup!