Jan 11, 2009

Welcome Fellow Addicts!!!

Hello, darlings!

I want to welcome you all to my very first blog. First off, I would like to thank you for stopping by to read because everyone knows blogs can't succeed without readers so I hope you all stop back in to check up on how my blog is doing. Now, I haven't decided whether this will be a weekly or daily posts (or somewhere in between), but I don't want to leave you guys hanging for months at a time so I'll update often.

So here's somethings my blog will include. . .

~All things Mac (of course!)
~Beauty tips and breakthrough discoveries(found by me or other youtubers and bloggers)
~Some of FOTD's to show off some of my creativity.
~Nail stuffies (my new growing obsession)
~Hauls (at least monthly)
~Product reviews(I had to do this cause that's one of my fav parts about blogs.)
~Some occasional rants and craziness( we all need a safe outlet for our feelings.)
~And other beauty goodness!!!!!!

*Be sure to check back in two days!!!!!!*

Love, Peace, and makeup!


Yas said...

Woot! All things MAC? Hello doll and I'm excited hun! :)

~*luckyb*~ said...

Thanks girl your the first one to comment! Be sure to subscribe and spread the word about my blog!