Jan 19, 2009

First Look: Hello Kitty

{Pics courtesy of Christine-Temptalia.com}

*This post will kick off the first look series, where I give my intial reaction to new MAC collections, drugstore products, and more.*


Hello Darlings!

Well since I'm still a newbie to the MAC world I missed the beloved Barbie, Fafi, and Heatherette collections so, I'm definately not gonna let myself miss out on the upcoming Hello Kitty Collection. I love Hello Kitty stuff, and I'm not gonna hesitate on picking up some items in this collection. The expected U.S. release date is February 12th,2009. Unveiling parties will be help on the third,(check the events page on maccosmetics.com to find one near you). It has a large range of items from eyeshadows to tinted lip conditioners,(*REMEMBER* check temptalia.com for the go to source of MAC collection launches).

These are my opinions about the items in this collection. . .

[Skip]*Glitter Liners- Well, even though I'm am a teenage girl I really think this is a little to over the top for me plus NYX glitter liners are a lot cheaper, so I'm gonna have to pass on this.
[Skip]*Pigments/Reflect glitters- I don't own any piggies yet so I'd actually like to stock up on the staple shades first(like vanilla, tea time, violet, etc.). I'm gonna have to pass on these too.
[Skip]*Lashes- I honestly have never used false lashes, and I'd rather wait and train up to these.
[idk???]*Eyeshadow quads- I never understand MAC's thought proccess behind these color combos, but I'll wait and see how everyone else is using them to help me decide whether or not I'll pick one up.

*Lipsticks- I think the colors are really cool in this collection, and I love the hello kitty indentation on the lipstick. I'll probably get one for show to preserve it. lol
*Lip glass- I also love the colors, but I probably will only get one or pass because I plan on getting a dazzleglass from the Nordstrom exclusive Kitty Kouture collection.
[Skip]*Tinted Lip Conditioner- These maybe wonders for other people but, I can get the same thing from chapstick.

Well this concludes the first part of my first look at the HK collection from MAC!

Love,Piece,and Makeup!

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