Jan 20, 2009

Hello Kitty First Look pt. II

I saw that my first post was a tad long, so I cut it into pieces! ;-)

[skip]*Blush- I really perfer cream blushes, and I if I try MAC powder blush I'd rather get attached to a permanent than a LE shade.
*Beauty Powder- I can't wait to get my hands on these babies!!!! I love the colors, and I definately can't wait to use my hk compact, especially since I saw this awesome post by fafinettex3. (By the way if anyone has an empty heatherette, lure, or Diana Ross compact they'd like to giveaway let me know!!!!!)

[idk???]*Nail polishes- I don't know whether or not I'll be picking these up, but I'll have to see how much cash I'll have left after my first major mac haulage.
[skip]*Accessories- I can always find HK accessories so really I don't have to have any of these items, plus I stocked up on MAC LE brushes at the CCO.

~*Hello Kitty Wishlist*~

Both Beauty Powders
2 Lipglass
2 Lipstick
1 eyeshadow quad

grand total:
Boy looks like I'll be eating ramen for lunch. . . or have a lot of valentines! lol

Well that wraps up on my thoughts about the HK collection
Love, Peace, and makeup!


KLASH said...

LOL!! im not laughin at your problem.. i think its weird that u are addictted to MAC. uhm i think make up is like weed u cant be addicted to it, its a mind thing. just letting u know, and u probaly dont need make up anyway. i personally think TOO much makeup kills your natural beauty. uh so just wear like a little make up, like close to none. i dont know what im talking about so i. NO? ok im sorry.. kbye.lol PEACE AND LOVE

Hippo_Lee_toe said...

I can't wait for the HK line to come out.

Im already saving! lol