Jan 20, 2009

Reasons for my addiction

Hello darlings!

Well I recently got a comment,(and I'm not mad or bashing the person who wrote it) about how I don't really need makeup, embrace natural beauty,ect.,ect. Well I don't blame you for what your saying and I should expect more comments like this to come. SO, I'm gonna give you the main reasons behind why I'm obsessed with makeup. Well since I was a little girl I've always loved dress up, makeovers, all that jazz; so of course it has carried on into my young adult years. I really love it for the creativity with colors and designs, and more fun stuff. I really wear very little face make up because I do believe I'm a natural beauty. I usually go all out with eye makeup and my nails. I have a passion for color-coordinating and I express that with my makeup. Now some people don't understand how I can be obsessed with makeup, but honestly it's not hard just like all these girls who are addiccted to handbags, jewlery, and designer clothes; or guys with clothes and of course shoes,(I don't even understand the Jordans obsession). So there's a little background on my passion.

And in the future I do appreciate the I'm too pretty for makeup comments, but I love it and I'm gonna wear it cause it makes me happy. . . ;-)

Love, Peace, and Makeup


babycoconut said...

Oh I know what your talking about! A few people told me the same thing, but I mean just because I like makeup doesn't mean I think I'm ugly or trying to hide myself. I mean, damn, I change my clothes everyday, why can't I wear a cool eyeshadow or try on a new blush to match it? Sheesh.

Oh yeah by the way I came here hoping to get some help for my MAC addiction, but just by the very mention of the Hello Kitty collection is going to make me relapse....

Heat Styled Natural said...

Lol @ babycoconut