Jan 31, 2009

Snow Week Haul

Hey Darlings!

Well I thought I let you guys see the dreat deals I caught this week and show the look I wore out today!

First on the wonderful B&B dub(translation: Bath&Body Works) has great sales going on for their old xmas gift sets and their old packaging items. So, I didn't hesitate to grab a set in my favorite winter scent: Velevet Tuberose! So here it is.

(Front View)
It comes with a full size lotion, body spray, shower gel, and bubble bath; bar soap, and a candle!!!

And Guess how much I paid for it!!!!!!

**$20.00** and during xmas it was $39.95!!!!!

So make sure you check out your B&B dub for sweet deals before it's to late!

Ok deals all around while I was at Krogers I caught some sweet beauty deals on manager's special!


I love the garnier skin renew moisturizer(reg.$13.99) it smells so good. It's not a very thick moisturizer so I mainly use this during the summer, but I couldn't pass this deal by!

I've always wondered about Nexxus hair products, so I thought I'd give the Sleek Memory Straightening Smoothing Spray(reg.$13.99) a try.

The bottle says: "Nexxus® Sleek Memory™ Straightening Smoothing Spray helps your hair become straighter, smoother, and less frizzy over time, so your straightening routine becomes faster and easier, and hair spends less time exposed to damaging heat styling... for healthier-looking, just-from-the-salon sleek hair. This straightening technology works with your heat appliances to "train" hair to remember your straight, sleek style each time you straighten it. Scientifically-proven heat protection guards against heat damage."

So I provide a follow up on this later.

So grand total for todays haul!

***$5.35*** w/ tax

So I hope you all loved my beauty deals!

Love, Peace, and Makeup!
xluckybx <3

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