Feb 7, 2009

Hello Kitty Excitement!!!!!

Hi darlings!

Sorry I've haven't posted in a bit, but school and church has had me swamped(and the super bowl of course! *Go Steelers*!). Also, I am just going out of my mind with anticipation of the Hello Kitty Launch on next Thursday!!! After seeing many blogs coverage of the unveiling parties around the country I am definately jealous, and I've changed my mind about certain products, so I'll post the updated wishlist on the bottom. Shortly I am going to be posting my second youtube video, I decided to take a shot at a special "love stinks" Valentine's day look(pink smokey eye). I really have great expectations for February and I hope it doesn't disappoint.

So here's my updated wishlist and stay tuned for my EOTD.

*~ HelLo KiTtY*~
Big Bow l/s
Most Popular l/s
She Loves Candy l/g
Popster TLC
Too Dolly Quad
A Beauty Powder(don't know which shade)
Fun & Games BPB
and Maybe Milk Piggie

Hope you guys hae a wonderful weekend!

Love, Peace, and Makeup!
xluckybx <3

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