Feb 26, 2009

Popster TLC Product Review

Hello Darlings!

This is my very first product review post, so let me give you the rundown on how these are gonna work. First there will be a pic of the product to be reviewed (of course)with info about the price and company that produced it. Second I'll give my ratings based on a 5 star scale in the areas of: price, quality, quantity, look(packaging),some products pigmentation, and overall. Lastly I'll do my rants and raves on that product. *Please let me know if you like the format and what changes I should make*

So here we go!


MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner- $14.50 (HK Collection)

Price: **

Quality: ***

Quantity: **

Packaging: ***** (Love it!)


Overall: ***

Okay, now I know those of you who read my initial HK First review I wasn't even thinking about getting these because why pay so much for lip balm. Well, let me tell you about my trip to the Macy's. When I went in to pick up my first couple of items I was so excited, yet confused about what thing on my whishlist will I get first. I didn't know whether to get a BPB or two lippies. I finally decided that I loved how big bow looked on so many people I had to have it . . . well when I tried it on to make sure I liked it I looked like bozo it was way too pigmented for my liking, and I was upset causI had so much high hopes for this. Then, I tried on Popster TLC it showed up a lot like how I thought Big Bow would show up on me, so I had to get it. Even though it doesn't feel as moisturizing as other balms it does last a really long time, and it has just the right amount of tint, so I was sold. So all in all I probably wouldn't buy it based on the price, but I would take a freebie or gift gladly.

Love, Peace, and Makeup
xluckybx <3

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